Sault Youth S.C.
Sault Youth Soccer Club Saturday, April 30, 2016  
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Sault Youth Soccer Club and League
Annual General Meeting


The SYSCL holds an Annual General Meeting each February. The date and location of each Annual General Meeting is advertised in the local media, and posted on the SYSCL website and at the SYSCL office (316 Elizabeth Street). Voting at the meeting is open to members of the executive board, appointed volunteer staff, committee chairpersons, committee members, league convenors, head and assistant coaches of recreational (house league teams), head coaches of all mini-soccer teams, and all members of the coaching staff of Civics teams.

SYSCL Annual General Meeting 2016 is scheduled for February 29, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Marconi Hall (450 Albert Street West).




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